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TvU Sapphire Products

TvU has worked with sapphire for many years.  We are experts in sapphire applications, diagnosis, properties, polishing, bonding, strengthening, general fabrication and fabricators.  Ask us about sapphire sensor fibers and our high temperature sapphire fiber cladding process.  We can do things with sapphire that no one else can do and we can make sapphire do things that no one else can.

IMPORTANT: Sapphire windows cannot be simply applied to a system. They are strong and extremely robust, but they have their weaknesses. The mounting system for sapphire windows is critical.  Point and thermal stresses must be avoided. The window must be padded with metal gaskets. The sapphire windows must be properly manufactured to achieve full strength.

Dr. Stephen C. Bates, President of TvU, and a sapphire use expert, offers his consulting services for your sapphire window project.

High Pressure Windows

Sapphire windows can be made to withstand pressures, temperatures, and chemical environments that no other transparent material can.

Special Capabilities: Windows into almost any harsh environment.

High Pressure Windows

Spectroscopy Windows

Sapphire windows that have been modified to extend their IR transmission to 8 microns and beyond. These windows will tolerate any environment.

Special Capabilities: Inert window material that has transmission well into the mid IR: beyond 8 microns/1250 cm-1.

Extended IR Windows

High Power Microwave Windows

Sapphire windows developed for DOE to transmit MW microwave power.

Special Capabilities: Allow uncooled MW microwave transmission through windows.

High Power Microwave Windows


Last updated: July 2015